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Ros and Nick Cosgreave said:

“It was the best holiday we have ever had even better than the Caribbean cruise. The colour and diversity was greater than even we expected (if you think you know India then think again).All we had to do was enjoy the experience, which we did in complete confidence and faith in the organization that had gone on behind the scenes to link every thing together seamlessly,once again thank you very much and we will be back with out a doubt”.

All the best,

Banking Consultant , Paris France
“I would like to thank you for your contribution to our happiness in 2007 by having organized a perfect trip in south India. We came back with a warm feeling and we enjoy discussing our India experience. This would not have been possible without you!

"Je te souhaite à toi et ton époux une belle et heureuse année 2008."

Nagi & Jeni

Embassy made sure our honeymoon was nothing short of blissful.

We'd like to thank everyone at Embassy Travels for organizing a trip we'll fondly remember even decades from now. Though we've traveled extensively, we never knew Kerela had such beautiful tourist spots and we're glad Embassy gave us a taste of what we had missed out on.

The service was one-of-a-kind. We've never been assisted so well at every point, on any other trip. Our stay was enjoyable, and planned well in spite of the time constraint. And we were touched by the calls we received from the team asking us about our stay.

We would recommend Embassy Travels for anyone looking for a memorable experience, be it within the country or anywhere in the world.

Myriam & Renaud Ferran from Paris, France.

We had a memorable time in India, thanks to Embassy.

We decided to make a trip to South India in 2007, and Embassy Travels promised us a customized travel plan apart from a unique travel experience, and quite accurately lived up to it. They took into account all our preferences, travel interests and budget constraints, and put together an itinerary just for us.

The guides did a fabulous job of taking us through the history of the places we visited, which made our visit as much enlightening as it was fun. We didn't have enough time to organize our trip, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Embassy made sure every need of ours was met and came up with valuable suggestions that made our trip so much more exciting.

We made a trip again in 6 months, and enjoyed it just as much as the first. We plan on visiting again to savour the 'Biriyani' at Mysore, among other things.

Rinus & Ans Luiten, Netherlands
We took a 3 day trip to Delhi and Agra and Embassy Travels & Tours made sure our trip lived up to the anticipation in every way. From highly informative guided tours to the Agra Fort, Taj Mahal and 9 different parts of Delhi, to taking care of little things worked around our interests and preferences, the trip was something we'll always cherish. We were also duly enriched by the richness of India's culture, religion and history. We highly recommend Embassy travels for anyone looking to explore and experience India.
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